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1U / 2U Rackmount Chassis PCI Express 16x Extender Exp-Extender

PLinkUSA 1U / 2U Rackmount Chassis PCI Express 16x Extender 1U-Exp-Extender

1U / 2U Rackmount Chassis PCI Express 16x Extender

Working with 1U-Express16X or 2U-Express16X


ITX-102 w/ 1U-Express16x+1U-Exp-Extender

"1U-Express16X" and the Extender


"1U-Express16X" with 2 Extenders

(the bottom extender makes it 0.8" taller)



"1U-Express16X" with the Extender

(for MB with Express slot in position A)





  • This card is not a riser card! It MUST be used with "1U-Exprexx16X" or "2U-Exprexx16X" Riser for your MB with PCI Express slot in position B. It raises the "1U-Express16X" riser by 0.8". That makes it 1 slot higher

  • If you MB have PCI Express 16X slot in A position like some INTEL MB's, then you need to use TWO extenders with "1U-Exprexx16X".

  • No Driver necessary and jump-less.

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