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19" 4 post Rack 15U / 20U / 31U / 36U / 40U / 45D

19" 4 post Rack 15U / 20U / 31U / 36U / 40U / 45D

19" 4 Post Rack

15U / 20U / 31U / 36U / 40U / 45D


  • 15U DIY packages, 3 cartons total(30 lbs, 30 lbs, and 15 lbs), shippable by UPS


    • DIY packages, 2 cartons total (physical weight:40 lbs, 55 lbs) BUT there will be 3 cartons if upgrading to 6" deeper Rack then physical weight:40 lbs, 40 lbs, and 15 lbs,

    • shippable by UPS

    • 6" deeper upgrade is $35

    31U DIY packages, 2 cartons total(45 lbs and 30 lbs), shippable BY TRUCK ONLY!

    36U DIY packages, 2 cartons total(47lbs and 31 lbs), shippable BY TRUCK ONLY!

    40U DIY packages, 2 cartons total(50lbs and 34 lbs), shippable BY TRUCK ONLY!

    45U DIY packages, 2 cartons total(52bs and 39 lbs), shippable BY TRUCK ONLY!

    4 Casters optional, $55 4 x Caster set


    Picture showing 26in rail used on bottom 4U case

    • 4-Post heavy duty steel rack for high load capacity

    • Two pairs of post frame

    • Heavy duty plinth, allows you to bolt on ground (CASTERs are optional)

    • Two pairs of angle support for post and plinth

    • 50 pcs M6 bolt screws w/washer

    • 50 pcs M6 square nuts

    • 50 pcs M5 self-tapping screws

    • Depth connection brackets

    • DIY packages with one Hexagon Wrench included for easy assembly

    • Base depth: 29.5"/35.5" (shallow racks vs. deep racks), Exterior post to post: 22.5"/28.5" (shallow racks vs. deep racks)

    • Interior post to post: 16.5"/22.5" (shallow racks vs. deep racks)

    • Note: sum of the front & rear brackets' length must be less than 16.5" for your rails to be mountable in 16.5" racks

    • Top hat height: 2", Base height: 3", Wheels: 4" high

    • 6" deeper Racks available for $35 more (sum of brackets' length must be <= 22.5"), so our 20in and 26in rail CAN mount in 22.5" deep racks!

    • Actual height calculator: number of units high x 1.75" + 5" when buying no casters( + 9" if buying casters)

    • Ex: for 40U open rack, 40 x 1.75" + 5" =75" tall if buying no casters, but it is 79" tall if buying casters!

    • Weight capability: 2500 lbs without casters, 1700 lbs with casters !


4" tall Casters for 19" OPEN RACKS w/4 posts $45


M6 Square Nuts for 19" Open Racks, 50 pcs a bag $40

M6 Square for 19" Open Racks, 50 pcs a bag $20


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Part#: Our Price:
45U-Open $475
40U-Open $425
36U-Open $365
31U-Open $355
20U-Open $345
15U-Open $315

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